Who Are We?

Jiva DeVoe, Founder & Chief Software Craftsman

Jiva is an author, blogger, and software developer with nearly 20 years of experience in the software industry. His first computer was a Commodore VIC-20, on which he learned BASIC and assembly language. From there, he gradually worked his way through C, C++, Python, Ruby, Java, and finally Objective-C.

Over the years, he's shown himself to be a proven innovator by always being on the bleeding edge of diverse new technologies. In the early 90s, he worked as a founding member, and lead developer for the Diaspar Network, an early virtual community which pioneered online commerce. Later, he worked in mobile application development on early wireless handheld computers, and was co-inventor of dynamic route selection software designed to be used by Tier 1 Internet bandwidth providers.

Today, he works primarily with Objective-C, Cocoa and Cocoa Touch, developing applications for the iPhone and Mac OS X.

Dawn DeVoe, Staff Photographer, Designer, & Company Mom

Dawn is a professional photographer, and the lead designer of Edibles. In addition to following a diet regimen and exercise, she's lost over 91 lbs over the last 2 years using Edibles.

She also was the lead programmer on our guided meditation application, Joy of Being, which is scheduled to launch in late July.

Currently, her primary role in the company is testing and designing new features for Edibles, as well as doing some development.

Her photography is featured here, on our site, as well as in all of the elements for our award winning iPhone application, iZen Garden.

She also does family photography, and has a blog about her weight loss experiences located here.

Random Ideas

Together, we form Random Ideas. Random Ideas is a small software company specializing in applications for iPhone and Mac OS X.

In eastern philosophy, there is a concept of "dharma." Dharma might be translated as "right way of life." It is, roughly speaking, living your life as it should be lived. It means living a healthy life, free from stress. Being fully aware of the current moment.

We want to help you find your dharma.

Whether it's through being more physically fit, or by finding your "zen moment" in the day, we want to enrich your life through our products.

In addition to helping you find your dharma, we also want to be sure to help those in our community as well. This means we choose to invest heavily in the community by investing 5% of our pre-tax net profits in charities.

Through this, we will be doing our dharma. And in the end, what else can we ask for?

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